How It Works

iNeed: More than just business

iNeed is an online-based platform created to help young entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. We understand how times are changing, so we made sure to use technological and innovative methods to inform and entertain our audience because we firmly believe that it’s more than just about business. So, if you want to learn more about us, read right through this article!

About Us

A few years ago, we were tasked to create a project on the importance of marketing in business. We were all so thrilled with the topic assigned to us that we decided to expand our reach and share the newfound knowledge with those who need it after finishing it.


The purpose of this website is to provide assistance to anyone who is having difficulty coming up with business concepts. Due to a large number of ideas accessible, selecting one to begin with might be difficult, which is why we wish to serve as a guide for people who are in need of assistance.


We envision a world where people can get out of the usual paycheck to paycheck routine and get out of their comfort zone. Furthermore, we also foresee a world where fresh graduates are able to jumpstart their careers by starting small businesses. 

Core Values

With the help of our principles, iNeed aims to convey the essence of our organisation to our target audience. These are used to deliver the most satisfactory possible service.

  1. Customer centred

All of our efforts are focused on meeting the needs of our customers. Everyone who comes into our office is handled with the highest respect and concern.

  1. Nondiscriminatory

Our company does not tolerate any kind of racism or discrimination in the workplace or among our clients or consumers.

  1. Progressive

We constantly refine our company’s procedures and plans in response to the rapid change and innovation that characterises our business. As a bonus, we attempt to enhance our customer service by always searching out and adopting new and creative ideas in the office.

  1. Dedicated

All of our employees are dedicated to going above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Their needs will always take priority over everyone else’s.

  1. Visionary

INeed has a realistic and open-minded purpose in mind for both the organisation and the customers. It’s vital that our customers are happy and comfortable, not just satisfied with the money they spend with us.

  1. Honour

All of the information provided by iNeed is accurate to the best of our ability since we value and honour our customers’ confidence and trust in us.

  1. Distinction

As a company, we take a systematic and distinctive approach to provide the best information, design, and distribution techniques available.

  1. Cooperate

Our methods and processes are constantly being updated and improved. We cooperate in developing innovative ideas to serve our customers better.

  1. Keen

We are keen on giving our customers the most accurate and up-to-date information available, regardless of the topic matter.

  1. Captivating

So that clients may have fun and learn something new while they’re on our site, we make sure our posts are both captivating and educational.

Contact us!

Having learned more about us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or send us a message on our social media sites with any questions or concerns you may have.